Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Organic pigment vs. Inorganic pigment for permanent makeup

When I first started Permanent Makeup Artistry, I was trying to find a niche market.  How can I be different from every other Permanent Makeup Artist?

I started thinking..."what if I marketed "Organic" pigment that's made from natural plants and extracts?'
I found a trainer who claimed that her pigments are "Organic".

I soon discovered that Organic pigment still contains low amounts of iron oxide otherwise our skin would quickly absorb pure 'Organic' extracts.  As a result, the pigment wouldn't last.

So whether someone tells you they use 'organic' or 'in-organic' pigment, they all have low doses of iron oxide.  The traces are low, therefore, not harmful to your body.

By the way, I soon discovered that every Permanent Makeup Artist is indeed unique.  They put their art on women's faces.  Our clients trust us to make them more beautiful than when they first walked in.  Our job is to make your brows frame and enhance your eyes, while creating an illusion that you have hair.  The point is to make your eyes the focus, not your brows.  It just happens that your brows frame your eyes beautifully.  All I can do for my clients is to show them my work and photos.  I am extremely passionate about my art!!!

Cheryl Doss of Lasting Impressions in Venice, Florida always reminds me...
"It's all about your clients!   It's your responsibility to make them look beautiful. So don't get so fixed on the Ego part of this work."  I Love Her!

Jee Kim
San Ramon, CA

Men lose definition around their eyes with age

Permanent Makeup benefits both men and women.

Men lose definition around their eyes as they age.  Their lashes and eyebrows grey, leaving them look washed out around the eyes in photos.

Lashline permanent makeup procedure can benefit men who are fair skinned and hair.

For women, the eyeliner is applied in a continuous line along the lashline.  However, for men, series of dots are applied directly on the lashline.  The procedure, when healed, isn't visible within 2 feet distance, but will subtly and discreetly bring back color and definition to your eyes.
San Ramon, CA

What to do next, if you hate your new Permanent Makeup procedure.

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