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Organic pigment vs. Inorganic pigment for permanent makeup

When I first started Permanent Makeup Artistry, I was trying to find a niche market.  How can I be different from every other Permanent Makeup Artist? I started thinking..."what if I marketed "Organic" pigment that's made from natural plants and extracts?' I found a trainer who claimed that her pigments are "Organic". I soon discovered that Organic pigment still contains low amounts of iron oxide otherwise our skin would quickly absorb pure 'Organic' extracts.  As a result, the pigment wouldn't last. So whether someone tells you they use 'organic' or 'in-organic' pigment, they all have low doses of iron oxide.  The traces are low, therefore, not harmful to your body. By the way, I soon discovered that every Permanent Makeup Artist is indeed unique.  They put their art on women's faces.  Our clients trust us to make them more beautiful than when they first walked in.  Our job is to make your brows frame an

Men lose definition around their eyes with age

Permanent Makeup benefits both men and women. Men lose definition around their eyes as they age.  Their lashes and eyebrows grey, leaving them look washed out around the eyes in photos. Lashline permanent makeup procedure can benefit men who are fair skinned and hair. For women, the eyeliner is applied in a continuous line along the lashline.  However, for men, series of dots are applied directly on the lashline.  The procedure, when healed, isn't visible within 2 feet distance, but will subtly and discreetly bring back color and definition to your eyes. San Ramon, CA

What to expect after a Permanent Makeup procedure

What to do immediately after a permanent makeup procedure?  There are multiple methods. Most permanent makeup artist will provide an aftercare instruction sheet.  Follow carefully and ask questions if something is not certain. Aftercare instructions are important for maximum color retention. Please note: The day after the procedure, you permanent makeup may appear darker and bigger.   But don't panic, if the correct pigment was used on your brows, they will lighten after about 2 weeks. Brows: Slight swelling, but not noticeable to the eye.  While healing, you may notice dryness and flaking of the skin.  Hairstroke procedures will flake less than Soft Filled procedures.  Do not use moisturizer or makeup to cover up.   Most importantly, do not pick at the flakes of skin.  Just let it heal.  The first week, the color will be dark, but by week 2, the color will lighten and soften. Eyeliner: Slight swelling lasts about 3 to 4 days.  Depending on your skin and lifest

Perfect candidates for Permanent Makeup Hairstroke brows. Aka Feathering, 3D brows, brush stroke brows.

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you may want to consider Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Brows. 1.  Draw your brows on (almost) EVERY day 2.  Worry at least once a week, if you smeared your brows by touching them or sweating 3.  Draw in your brows, but the product you use needs heavy coverage so that your natural brow hair is concealed 4.  Don't really know how to put on brows, but hope that it looks ok for that day. 5.  Envy friends that have nice brows 6.  Want your face to look years yonger with proper placement of brows 7.  Alopecia, post cancer treatments, trichotillomania, thyroid, changes to hormone, and natural progression of aging. Pretty Please Permanent Makeup Studio San Ramon, CA www. prettypleasestudio .com

Fear of Permanent Eyeliner poking me in the eyes

After my clients enjoy the benefits of Permanent Eyebrows, they are interested in Permanent Eyeliner, but some are hesitant. Some typical concerns: What if you poke me in the eyes? What if it hurts? What if I sneeze or move and you miss? Any procedures done near the eyes should raise concerns.  However, a well trained Permanent Makeup Artist understands the anatomy of the eye and stays away from danger zones. Permanent Eyeliner procedures with Softap is a gentle procedure with repetitive strokes. Permanent Eyeliner is applied 'above' your top lashed.  And under the bottom lashes. The white rim immediate above the lower lashes is called the Wet Line.  You should not get tattooed on that line.  It may cause dry eyes and other complications.  I have a client who has had their wetline tattooed in the past.  She commented that it did not cause dry eyes, but I told her to consider herself lucky.  Over time, there may be complications.  The pigment should be placed a

Artificial Beauty or Not...Botox, Fillers, and Permanent Makeup...Oh My!!!

I have friends who do not understand why anyone would plump, paralyze, and/or tattoo their face to faces. Some comments... Why not let mother nature do it's thing and we all age gracefully without intervention.  People who do it are superficial, it doesn't look natural, and they are wasting their money. It is always important to not loose perspective of our face.  We are all aging, some more quickly than others.  It is important find ways to look your age, but more refreshed.  As of you had a good night sleep.  There's only so much that makeup and over the counter products can do for our face. Cosmetic enhancement is a personal choice.  I agree it is somewhat superficial.  Similar like driving a nice car, having a giant diamond ring, or living in a beautiful home. But let's face it, our physical appearance does play an important role in our lives.  Looking professional, polished and fresh faced does have it's advantages. I had an 85 year old cli

How do you tell a friend...You need a makeover.

How do you approach a friend and say..."You need a makeover" without hurting her feelings? Their clothes are out dated, hair is frizzy or fly away, and they look drained and tired. Try saying, "Let's get a makeover, together!".  Let's face it, there's always room for improvement and updating.  Select one task at a, clothes, makeup, skin, jewelry, whatever you want, revamp yourselves!!!! Save time and money by seeking help from professionals.  For example, hire a makeup artist to teach you how to apply makeup correctly.  Hire an expert for few hours for private tutoring.  They will teach you secret techniques that will have your face glowing.  Through the use of makeup, you can create an illusions such as narrow nose, bigger eyes, fuller lips, higher cheekbones, narrower face, etc...  Otherwise, you'll buy a bag full of makeup and come home to find that it looked better when the gal at the makeup store put it on for you.  A priva

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner options

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner The thickness or thinness of permanent eyeliner is a personal choice.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the width (thickness) of your liner: 1.  All pigment fades over time, nothing is permanent. 2.  Black pigment fades to blue/grey over time, regular touch ups are needed to keep it black. 3.  The thicker the eyeliner, the faded blue/grey is more visible. 4.  There are several colors to choose from: black, brown, teal, blue, purple, etc... However, my recommendation is to keep it natural looking by using black or brown.  The colors teal, blue, and purple look great at first, but you will ALWAYS look like you're wearing makeup and the color looks washed out over short period of time. The most common Eyeliner options are as follows: 1. Permanent Eyelash Enhancer- the artist will tattoo the liner thin and close to the eyelash on both top and bottom.  The purpose of this procedure is to give your eyes definition

Tattoo Lightening vs. Tattoo Removal

I want to talk briefly about the terms "Tattoo Lightening" and  "Tattoo Removal". Tattoo Lightening: Whether you choose the laser or saline method, both treatments are considered tattoo "lightening".  Multiple visits will be necessary for the pigment to fade.  Permanent Makeup lightening sessions vary from skin to skin, therefore, there are no guarantees.  Some pigment colors lighten faster than others, certain skin types heal with less scarring than others, all pigment manufacturers use different ingredients and colors to create their pigment, as a result, they will fade differently. Tattoo Removal: This requires a doctor to extract the skin that has pigment, henceforth, "remove the skin".  This process will scar, leaving the skin with possible hyper or hypo pigmentation. I wanted to clarify the two terms because clients are eager to get their tattoos 'removed', but in reality, once pigment is placed into

Tweeze, Wax, or Thread Brows?

Tweeze, Wax, or Thread Brows? The benefits of having your brows waxed or threaded by a professional are that they shape and clean up the brows for you.  It takes the guess work out of tweezing. However, I find waxing to be painful.  Afterwards, my eyelids are pink and the skin stings for a few minutes afterwards.   Not only does the wax remove unwanted hair, but it also removes layers of the epidermis, leaving skin with a burning sensation. Threading is my preferred choice of brow hair removal.  The thread pulls out the targeted hair and leaves the skin intact.  Initially, it can be painful, but over time, we become less sensitive.  Most malls now have Threading Salons. Clients ask me if they should continue to wax or thread after permanent makeup brows.  My answer is, "No".  Since the shape is already there, just tweeze hair growth below the permanent makeup each month.   Permanent Makeup Brows also takes the guess work out of tweezing.

Hair style completes your new look

How do you know when your hair is outdated? Have you had the same hair cut and color since 1985.   As we age, our hair feels dryer, finer and grayer.  Ugh!  Therefore, it's possible that a hair style that may have worked for your hair texture 25 years ago, may no longer works for you today. Don't be afraid and try a new hairstylist.  There are many salons that are Paul Mitchell Certified.  These salons are current with trends and pride in using the latest techniques .   These salons also seek models to try different hair cuts.   I understand that we are all attached and "friends" with our hair dresser.  It may feel like you are "cheating" on them, if you try someone new.  However, we are paying them fortheir services.  It's ok to try a new hair dresser, then once a new cut is established, you can always go back to your current hair stylist to show her the new look.  If he/she cannot duplicate, perhaps it's time to move on to new tal

Botox, Fillers, and Permanent Makeup

Botox, Fillers and Permanent Makeup, Oh My!!! Clients frequently ask if they should try Botox and Fillers... My quick response would be, "Why not, give it a try."  However, there's pros and cons to everything.  Liquid cosmetic enhancement can shave years off the face, however, as we age, we need more and more to gain similar results. My long response would be to consider the following... Average Cost: Be aware, it can get pricey depending on how many cc's your face needs.  On the average, plastic surgeons charge $11 to $15 per cc for Botox.   The average cost for fillers are $300 to $600 per syringe (8cc) The cost adds up quickly. Who to Trust: Do not assume all certified plastic surgeons are good with injecting Botox and Fillers.  Many surgeons master niche procedures, but you can't expect one person to master everything.   For example, if your plastic surgeon did an amazing job with your breast augmentation, don't automat