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Permanent Makeup Camouflage

Q: Can I camouflage a scar, area of the skin that's missing pigment, or previous permanent makeup by using skin colored tattoo pigment? Clients with Vitiligo and scar tissues on their body/face request camouflage tattooing to match their natural skin color.  There's always Pros and Cons. Pro:  Tattooing skin colored pigment can conceal or make the area with loss of pigment less noticeable.  There are a lot of vendors with various colors, so you may find a color to match your skin tone.   Con : Your skin may darken or lighten depending on the time of the year, i.e. sun tan. It may be subtle, but your skin varies in darkness/lightness throughout the year.  However,  the Camouflage pigment will remain the same.  It will not tan with you.  Therefore, if the scar/loss of pigmented area is on your body that gets exposed to sun light,  this may not be a good solution for you. Also, all pigment fades over time.  Again, the pigment color may match your skin color

Permanent Makeup lip pigment colors

Questions to ask yourself when choosing Permanent Makeup lip color: 1.  Are you a good candidate? Take a look at your lips in the mirror.  Are both top and bottom lips the same color?  If yes, you are a good candidate. Are the Top/Bottom lip significantly darker/lighter than one another?  If so, you may not be a good candidate.  The difference in hue will be accentuated with permanent makeup. 2.  Cold sores, fever blisters or herpes simplex HSV-1.   1 in 3 women that I provide permanent makeup lip procedures have HSV-1.  The client must take prescription strength anti viral medications pre and post lip procedure.  Most common prescription drug is Zovirax.  There are many other medications on the market, so ask your doctor.  The dosage varies so be sure to ask your permanent makeup artist what the proper dosage is.  Lycine- L and other over the counter drugs will not prevent an outbreak. 3.  When choosing lipsticks, do you use   Reds with Blue Undertones or Reds with Ora