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Botox, Fillers, and Permanent Makeup

Botox, Fillers and Permanent Makeup, Oh My!!! Clients frequently ask if they should try Botox and Fillers... My quick response would be, "Why not, give it a try."  However, there's pros and cons to everything.  Liquid cosmetic enhancement can shave years off the face, however, as we age, we need more and more to gain similar results. My long response would be to consider the following... Average Cost: Be aware, it can get pricey depending on how many cc's your face needs.  On the average, plastic surgeons charge $11 to $15 per cc for Botox.   The average cost for fillers are $300 to $600 per syringe (8cc) The cost adds up quickly. Who to Trust: Do not assume all certified plastic surgeons are good with injecting Botox and Fillers.  Many surgeons master niche procedures, but you can't expect one person to master everything.   For example, if your plastic surgeon did an amazing job with your breast augmentation, don't automat