Various names for Permanent Makeup

Depending on who you speak to, there are various names for Permanent Makeup.  Here's some for starters...

Micro pigmentation
Dermal Micropigmentation
Cosmetic Tattoo
Semi Permanent Makeup
Brow Tattoo

They are all the same.  As artists, we are implanting pigment into the dermal layer of your skin.  We are required to call it permanent because once pigment is embedded into the skin, the pigment particles (iron oxide) are permanently in your skin...forever and ever.

However, the color of the pigment fades over time.  Like anything with color, if left out in the sunlight, the color will slowly fade.  Whether it's your furniture, colorful book, or favorite shoes, if left out in the sun for excess amount of period, the color will fade.  Since our face is exposed to the sun daily, whether driving, walking, or playing, the color of the permanent makeup will fade.  Tattoos that are hidden under clothing fades too.  However, the rate of the fade process is slower because it is protected under clothing.  Also, the tattoo on your body is heavily saturated by pigment.  Permanent makeup is a delicate procedure where minimal amounts of pigment is used to produce a natural look.

The use of the term "Semi Permanent Makeup" is misleading and not allowed in certain states.  The client should always be aware that the pigment (color) will fade over time, however, the particles within the pigment is permanent.
San Ramon, CA


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