Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Permanent Makeup Correction; How To Procedure

Before Permanent Makeup
After Permanent Makeup  Hairstroke Brows

Brow Design and Color: Two elements required for a successful permanent makeup brow procedure.

If you have permanent makeup brows that just doesn't look right, ask yourself, is it the Brow Design or the Color that is not quite right.

If the pigment color is not right, minor adjustments can be made to cool or warm the brow color.  The artists may use an Orange pigment to warm the Blue Grey brows.  If the brow color is too warm, then the artist may use a green to cool down the color.

If the Brow Design is not right, Tattoo Lightening process may be required to fade the area of the brow that's too high or too low.  This process will require patients and commitment from the client.  Several treatments of the Tattoo Lightning may be required and therefore, can take several months to fade. 

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